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 Need Help? How to Download PC Games?

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PostSubject: Need Help? How to Download PC Games?   Thu May 12, 2011 8:02 am

Hello , some of our friends are having problems downloading from this site; so here I’ll tell
you some of basics of downloading stuff from here.IF YOU ARE NEWBIE TO THESE SORT OF THINGS

1. Essential Tool Required to extract files from .rar setup –>>WINRAR
Yes, you will need it at all costs if you want your downloaded App. should work correctly. It’s a very common software nowdays. Just Google for it!

2. PARTS?! Many friends have been askin question “How can i download game/app. that has xx(12,9 etc) parts?.It’s simple, firstly download all the parts as given under your fav. App. then put all of them in a new folder(recommended).Now, Extract Part1 (enter password if required),Give the path where you want the files to be stored using WINRAR and the part 1 itself will install the complete game/app etc. yes! You need not mess around with other parts but should take care that all the parts are installed and put in same folder.Otherwise, with even 1 part missing you won’t be able to install anything.After the extraction of files complete , go to the same path and install the app. with command prompt setup given there.

3. PASSWORD The password to . rar files is given under each setup , if no password is specified then it means there is no password required to install app. or the setup is not password protected. Type the password as given here in this site manually as it’s case sensitive. If the password refers to a particular site eg type the exact in the Password
window and you don’t need to go to that site and some of our friends have been doin so..LOL in some sense it’s funny.

4 SAY THANKS if you like any of my post please comment under the same post , we’ve been noticing alot of friends downloading stuff from here and going..without at least saying “thanks”.Please don’t do so.


Q: When I open the setup a DOS box opens. /
Why do I get “Setup corrupted” (or similar) error?

A: It means that your download has been broken – this occurs when
you have an unstable connection/proxy or when you download without
a download manager. All servers ALWAYS have the same version of the file
so a bad file is NEVER the server’s fault.

Q: The speeds aren’t so good as you state. / Why it’s so slow?

A: Please make sure you are using a download manager like FlashGet
(recommended), GetRight, HiDownload, Download Studio, ReGet, etc. with
multi-threaded download. If the problem remains, download from other server.

Q: There are 2/3 files for the game. I know that I need to launch setup
EXE, but what to do with others?

A: Just make sure that they are all in the same folder. Each file gets installed automatically.

Q: When I copy the crack over & try to launch the game, it doesn’t start – the
cursor changes to hourglass for a second and there are no error messages. What to do?

A: Put the EXE in Windows98 or Windows2000 compatibility mode which you can find in Properties.

Q: The game crashes in level… / The intro loops… / I get error messages…

A: Sorry, but those are hardware or game-specific errors. Firstly check & ensure
that your PC is meeting the software/hardware requirements of the game. Then,
make sure you have your DirectX, Graphic & Sound Card drivers up-to-date.
Also, using WindowsUpdate or AutoPatcher may help you a lot.

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Need Help? How to Download PC Games?
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