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 Official Mafia II DLC Ideas Thread

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PostSubject: Official Mafia II DLC Ideas Thread   Fri May 13, 2011 11:25 am

Mafia II Ideas For DLC: Add Your Needed Ideas! [UPDATED 09/01/10]
Personal Message To 2K Czech: I am currently enjoying Mafia II immensely and I absolutely love the game - huge fan as are many here! These are ideas for the upcoming DLC, not for a patch as I think the game is excellent! I was thrilled, however, to hear about the new Downloadable Content coming to all consoles and PC. So...I thought, perhaps, it would be great to put together an easy-to-read and identifiable list of ideas to put in upcoming DLC's.

Note: I will update this top topic with the best ideas and thoughts for easy viewing and sorting, so 2K Czech and forum members know what to post. Thanks to everyone for submitting your ideas.

Special Thanks To All Who Reply With Their Creative Ideas!

I'm hoping that I put this thread in the proper area as I am really excited that Mafia II is already talking about their downloadable content. I think that we ALL have some thoughts, but I was curious if the developers at 2K Czech were willing to filter out the most-voiced ideas to put in their current list of DLC's (Jimmy DLC's). Again, I'll do my best to sort them. This thread is for ideas only!

So I thought it would be cool to give out some good ideas here. I usually don't give out ideas, but I've heard in the FAQ that the team IS listening.

- OTHER IDEAS (could eat up development time)


-Save Game Anywhere (or at owned homes and apartments)

-Real Day And Night Cycle With Weather System (2K Czech: You guys have a beautiful game engine! Use it )

-Add Free Roam To The Current DLC. Note: From playing the Betrayal of Jimmy on the PS3, this is a big step in the right direction. Include the following in new DLC (if possible):[INDENT]-Progressive, Multiple Active Side Missions: Start out with intimidation of small storefronts, them move up to the central city, and finally larger areas like docks, etc. Gives a feeling of going from smaller areas to larger fronts and since of player progression within the city.

Add Ability To Ride Train and Hail Cabs. Allows players to zip to locations on the fly or admire the city from a unique perspective. Also allow players to rob the train, especially if it has a vault or cars loaded on it.

-Terrorities: They've been in every other game, but needs to be unique. Entering another Family's (or gangs) territory requires payment in form of what is unique to that gang. Does this gang require a payment, such as a nice car, everytime you enter their space to do business? Or is it money? To take terrorities, take what they want: They want cars, takeover car dealerships to control their interests.

-Always have exciting, engaging missions: Missions, not matter what, should always have the use of a gun. Is it a gun-blazing shootout in the public streets? Or do you need to go long distance with you M1 Garand while falling back and not getting caught?
Key Example: A player may need to escort a Made Man from point A to B but first engage the player in a shootout before getting in the convoy of cars. Secondly, the player is ambushed and has to hold the Made Man in a Shop until backup arrives. Once backup arrives, you and new convoy must split-up to get rid of cops.
More Examples:
On Foot Chase Sequences With Gun Fights: The most underused but exciting elements is the sense of having no shell (or car) to protect you from bullets. Chasing a bad guy who might have backup, through parks, and alleyways can be tense. Traffic jams are cause for great cover or explosive results.
-Add assassinations or "hit list" missions (not included in side missions). They can be taken on at anytime alongside the main mission and side missions.

-Add Races On Dirt Surfaces: There are great spots spread throughout Empire Bay that offer great areas to race. Heck, one of them is the scrapyard area!

-Challenging Stealth Missions: 2K Czech seems to know what they're doing in this area. Have stealth missions in the main plotline and as optional side-missions.

-Blackmail Missions To Gain Trust: It's not easy to get lawyers, cops, or even judges to help you. You need to blackmail them. Setting them up would be a prominate job that the Family would thank you for.
Example: Jimmy will need to get a Judge to help him. Knowing he is into drugs, take pictures of him purchases drugs. As always, make it exciting: His entourage notice you and you must escape from them through an alleyway shootout, falling back from place to place (markers on map indicate "fall back" positions, such as diners, a choke point like alleyways, etc).
-Allow Jimmy to hire Made Men to tag along with him. Give them ability to fire out car as seen in classic Mafia movies. Players are given the sense of leadership and again, progression when "unlocking" this.

-Open Up Previously-Visited Buildings As Side Quests: For example, the Buzzsaw mission setpiece would now be open for various side-quests (assassinations, illegal cigarrettes, intimidating, and illegal fight club). These set pieces are so admired we want to revisit them in their entirety!

Simple Additions (pre-existing PS3 items) In Free DLC: Imagine going to the Xbox Live Marketplace or PSN Store and seeing several free DLC's (like car customization kits, new clothing items, or pre-existing PS3 items). It would give attention to Mafia II and bring more people to the game! Yes, it would make current fans very happy!

-Allow purchase of hats instead of buying both suit and hats.

-Register Your Game and Get A Discount On DLC: I think this would be great for your loyal fans! Just a thought to throw out there!

-Include unlockable "Insane" Difficulty setting (in all, this would include Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane)

-Progressive Melee Weapon Fighting: During DLC, introduce players to melee weapons, and even have rare weapons as collectables!

-Combos For Fighting System: Allow experimentation and unlockable combos. For instance, allow players to string light and heavy punches together. In the current system you cannot do this. Example: On the Xbox 360 controller, press B,B,Y or B,Y,B.

-Allow Brutal "Gun Finishers" At End Of Fight: Let players, as a finisher to melee combat, press the right trigger to pull off a gun finisher. It can be brutal. You can use larger weapons on dazed opponents as a bonus.

-Allow purchase of homes and investments in buildings.

-Add collectables that have true meaning: Collect very rare cars, collect unique suits, collect unique wearable items (special vest, special tie).

-Add More Playboy Collectables (as request from fans)

-Add Cars In "Jimmy" DLC and not as separate download if plausible!

Simple Heists: Bring explosives to destroy Armored Trucks and steal money. Rob banks (banks close for several days thereafter) and jewlery stores. Allow optional stealth in heists. Or, when going in, be quiet, and end mission with a "bang" (street shootout, car chase, foot chase with gunfire, and a mix).

Add Ability To Repair/Explode Car Since you can open engine, allow fixing of cars or planting of bombs in the engine.

Follow or Lead Convoy To Protect Capo or Important Made Men: Gives the player the responsibility to drive the lead or rear car in a protective convoy. Must protect the Capo (or family members of made men) to get to their destination.

OTHER IDEAS (could eat up development time)
-Progressive Fighting System Through DLC Story: 2K Czech has put a big aspect on their fighting. It has major potential with the fighting system (sort of like Bourne Conspiracy) Perhaps in a later DLC, allow the gamer to add more combos or finishers to their fighting by conquering fighters in a fight club. Add bonuses by defeating enemies through fighting.

-Dynamic Gang Results: There are three gangs that roam Empire Bay (like The Bombers). They seem to act in a dynamic manner when you pull out a gun or shoot one of them. Like the "Wanted" system, The Bombers will hunt you down until you pay a fee (it could be a car, 100 cartons of cigarettes, or just money). Until that fee is paid, they will dynamically follow the player and even send out their own "top men" to assassinate the player.

-Missions Dependent on Time of Day: Night time brings out the opportunity to do stealthy assassinations and sneaky heists. Day can bring bank robberies but more risk. It brings a sense that, like the '40s and '50s, night and day are totally different.

-Arrested Made Men can give orders from Jail: Get missions from the jailhouse and also break made-men out from Jailhouse and would be considered an area of activity for Jimmy (access to other lucrative missions and ability to upgrade fighting skills, plus stealth abilities).


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Remember that PlayStation 3 trophies list that was uncovered a few days back for Mafia II’s downloadable content? Turns out, they were for the second round of extra content for 2K Games’ long awaited crime sequel. I know this because 2K have announced details about the first two batches of DLC.

The PS3 trophies list was for "Jimmy’s Vendetta," which will also be available for the Xbox 360 and PC. As the trophies list suggested, and 2K confirms, "Jimmy’s Vendetta" will include “new city-based missions and locales [that] will give players many new reasons to head back to Empire Bay.”
2K isn’t sharing any other details like a release date or pricing info just yet, but they have revealed such info for "The Betrayal of Jimmy," the first DLC scheduled for release the day Mafia II hits shelves.
In the PS3 exclusive episode, players assume the role of the mercenary thug Jimmy who must fight his way through “dozens of intense newly created arcade-style, city-based missions,” as well as “a slew of assassination and timed vehicle missions ending in dramatic shootouts and explosive car chases.”

Each copy of Mafia II for the PS3 will include a voucher for the "Betrayal of Jimmy," but if you buy the game used, you’ll have to shell out $9.99 for it on the PlayStation Network.

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Official Mafia II DLC Ideas Thread
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